Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have to Take a Little Break

I've been quilting up a storm lately, but don't have anything to show you yet. Currently I'm working on two (yes, two!) quilts for magazine publication, so I've been spending a lot of time in the sewing room stitching and stitching, and on my computer writing and writing. But I find that to do my best ~ most accurate ~ work I need to take frequent breaks and just get out of the chair and walk around. Yesterday, I found myself playing with Scrabble letters on one of my breaks and made some cute little signs :)

I took my lunch break outside and just had to take some pictures of my Black Eyed Susan's blooming.

They're showing really nicely right now, but I'm noticing this black spot on the leaves and it's starting to spread. Does anyone know what to do about that?

These little purple guys are sitting happy in one of my pots and they made me smile :) Hopefully I will have some sneak peeks to show you tomorrow of what I'm working on, but for now it's the nose back to the grind stone for me!

~ Dawn


clare's craftroom said...

Sometimes we need to have a break , looking forward to the quilts , take care .

Karen said...

This was a very soothing post. I enjoyed seeing your garden. It sounds like you are very busy. It was good that you took some time for yourself and toured your garden. :0)

Rose Marie said...

My neighbour usually comes over and picks at my leaves with spots on them and I throw those leaves in the garbage (not the compost). Your garden is gorgeous!