Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Projects, Fairies & Birthday Fun!

I've been busy making little pillows that have been real popular in my Etsy Store. I'm using left over fabric from Lights, Camera, Action fabric from Andover Fabrics. Some I've been piecing, and some, like this one is just fussy cut from the fabric. This is my fifth one, the last two sold before even getting finished! I was pleased to hear that two of them will be in a classroom reading center that is being decorated with a Hollywood theme. I like that :)

Have you seen the new Quilting show called Quilt Out Loud with Mark Lipinski & Jodie Davis? I've been watching shows on my computer while sewing lately. I have been really enjoying this one ~ it's very different with segments that include quilting of course, but also other things that quilters take part in, like gardening. The first episode included, among other things, how to make a Whimsical Fairie Garden, and while I don't have a little Fairie house and such, Heather had placed this little gal in my herb garden next to the lavendar this Spring, and Mark's segment made me think of her and what else I can keep an eye out for to include in the garden with her. The show can be found on QNN (you have to join, but it's well worth it in my opinion, I've been checking out many of the other shows). They have Episode 1 of Quilt Out Loud complete, and segments #1 & 2 of Episode 2 are also up now.

Finally, this little "Cheese Face" is two years old today (wow ~ it seems like only a couple of months ago that I was sitting in the labor room filling in for her deployed daddy, helping her mommy bring her into this world!) We're off to the County Fair to celebrate with the piggys and bunnies, and I'm sure that Grandma will get to see some beautiful prize winning quilts too!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Fiesta said...

lovely pillow Dawn, good luck with your sales.

Karen said...

I have not seen that "Hollywood" fabric before. More sales means more money for more fabric!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, just wanted to let you know I entered my Rag quilt (won 3rd place), wool table mat (won Blue Ribbon),coiled bowl (3rd or 4th place), embroidered lace Christmas tree(won 3rd or 4th place) and stocking Christmas tree ornament(won 3rd or 4th place) Didn't have a chance to take pics. Hope you have fun at the fair!
Dawn B.

Dawn said...

Dawn, Congrats on all of your ribbons! I think I saw your rag quilt, but I didn't see any of the others (didn't get your comment until after I got home, so I didn't know exactly what I was looking for). So many beautiful things to see there!