Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Acquisition

This is another yard sale find that has made it's way to my house to live. My best friend Carolyn (not the quilt shop owner that I work for who is also named Carolyn ~ which makes for some confusing conversations in my house), and I had gone out on one of our scavenger trips a while back and came across this little guy. Carolyn bought it for $20 thinking it might work well with an old treadle table that she has, but wasn't quite sure. I told her that if she decided not to keep it, I'd buy it from her. She decided to pass it on to me, and now it has this new place of honor in my sewing area. I know nothing of the value of these things, and I haven't even tried it to see if it works yet ~ I'm not even quite sure what I will do with it, but it makes me smile :)

The table it's sitting on is my other old Singer machine that is just like the sewing machine that I sewed on way back in Middle School Home Ec. Class. I got that one from a Freecycler who was passing it on. (If you have never checked out Freecycle, it's well worth it and there are local groups all over the country).

So now with my Great Grandmother's treadle machine, this little electric Singer, and my adolescent Singer I'm getting quite a collection.

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


sewprimitive karen said...

Dawn, that is really pretty.

Rebecca P said...

I love old sewing machines. I have a treadle New Home machine. I too don't know how much mine is worth , but that doesn't matter to me because I won't be selling it. I just love looking at it & try to imagine what the lady was like who owned it years ago. What a good deal for your machine, I'll have to check out Freecycle.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Whoa, I have the very same sewing machine table that I had in high school. And I may even have the same old Singer. We have, what looks like the same wooden top, but we have never opened it. It sits as a decoration too! Enjoy your collection.

Amanda said...

Hi Dawn I have one just like it and picked it up for about the same price you got your's for about 10 years ago. People told me it was an absolute bargain so you did well. I looked up the serial number of mine and it was well over 100 years old. I don't know how to get mine to work but it is on display in my sewing room anyway and I love it and wouldn't part with it for the world.

Bev C said...

Gosh,my Mum had one of these machines. I am sure that you would get it going.I think Singer has a site where if you have the serial number you can date your machine. Good luck with it. Happy days.