Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Updated Calendar Quilt

Well, I decided to take an afternoon and bring my Calendar Quilt up to date yesterday (Yes Mary, seeing yours hanging on the wall inspired me!). I still have to go back and add my little month appliques that I started in the beginning, and I have a couple of special days that need to be embroidered on, but the blocks are done. Since I was getting tired of straight strip sets, I changed it up for the second four months of the year and went with diagonal cut squares. For the last four months I'll go with straight strip sets again.

Here is the May block up close. I'm still trying to use a strip of something I was working on at the time. This is the month I worked on Louisa and there are fabrics from June's Baltimore Album block and my Tisket a Tasket BOM. Luckily I was saving strips in a basket all along to remember what I was working on then. The bottom right has Maroon and Gold for Bobby's school colors since he graduated then.

In June we did Mountain Baby Blankets and this block has fabrics from some baby quilts I designed, the Thimbleberries extra project for the month, and some fabrics representative of our Sew In.

July has Popcorn fabric for the Fourth because Heather and I went to the movies instead of fireworks that day. There are batiks from the Jacket I was making (and still have on the pile to finish), and fabrics from a magazine quilt that I was working on.

This is August so far. This one has Civil War reproductions for the Underground Railroad block I did for Civil War Sunday, and some fabrics from the other magazine quilt I just finished.

It feels good to have this brought up to date. I still don't know how I will finish it. I'm thinking of some sashing between the long strip sets, but I haven't decided on a color. I think that will have to sing out to me at the end.

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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Karen said...

Isn't it neat to be able to look at this project and see all sorts of fabrics used in other projects you have worked on. I made a scrappy quilt which I cherish now. It has fabrics in it from many quilts which I gave away as gifts. It is like a memory quilt.