Sunday, March 13, 2011


This is the closet of my Sewing Room Annex/Design Studio (aka Heather's old bedroom).  I usually leave the door of this walk-in closet closed because it usually looks like a tornado has gone through it. 

But today, my lovely daughter came over, shared her wonderful organizational skills, and helped me go through it all.  We did a lot of sorting, moving, and a little tossing...(yes I was very good!)

The closet is definitely furnished on the cheap.  This unit was built out of plywood to hold paper and supplies in an old office closet, now it's holding scrap booking papers and supplies pretty effectively. 

I can actually get to my fabrics now (there used to be piles on the floor in front of these book case units).   And No, this is not all of my fabric stash.  I have to admit, I do have another closet full of yardage in my original Sewing Room next door. 

...and more piles used to be in front of this bookcase where I'm now keeping works in progress and current projects that I'm gathering. 

These storage bins and drawers have been gathered from all over the house to complete the final wall of the closet.  Here I'm keeping future projects, kits and yarns.  Note the labels on the bins/drawers :)

It's not really attractive, or anything special, but now it's organized and functional, and all I can say when I look in the closet now is, "Ahhh!".

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Nancy said...

please tell me she is for hire and lives close to St Louis!! I need the same kind of help..

Pat said...

I think it's great. My problem is that I don't have one dedicated area I can use for my fabric storage. *sigh* My friend's hubby custom-built the inside of her one walk-in closet for her storage and it is fabulous, too.