Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Learning Something New

Yesterday I had a fun afternoon (after a not-so-fun morning at the dentist) hanging out spending some much needed time with my sewing buddies.  After mentioning to my friend Mary that I'd like to learn how she puts zippers into her little bags and pouches that she makes, she commenced to show us with an impromptu demo. 

Starlyn (who was hosting our little sewing day), pulled out some squares of pre-quilted fabrics, and a drawer full of various zippers from her amazing stash, and in minutes Mary had us making these cute little bags. 
I've never done zippers quite this way, and I love it, no more catching the fabric in my zipper!  I like how she showed us to add the little pull tabs on the ends too.  I can see that I'm going to be making more of these little bags in the future...in various different sizes!  This one has become my new camera case ~ it's bigger than my old case, and can hold my camera cord as well as my camera (which I usually forget to pack when I'm traveling!)

By the way, today is Shrove Tuesday, Lent starts tomorrow, and that means Easter is on it's way!  With Easter comes Peeps ~ both Peeps Bunnies and Peeps Chicks!  Anyway, for anyone who is a Peeps fan, the 5th Annual Peeps Diorama Contest sponsored by The Washington Post is underway (contest submissions are due by March 14th).  You can find out about this fun and creative contest here, and see pictures of past contest winners...I guarantee a few chuckles!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Debora C said...

I would so love to know how to make these bags with zippers!

Pat said...

The bag is cute...and so is that Peeps/Jelly Bean cake!!! (At least I think it's a cake??)