Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kind of Like Designing a Quilt

Yesterday we started the process of picking out the tile for the remodel of our master bathroom that has been planned for some time now.  We're just now getting around to it because after our kitchen remodel last year, I was so tired of making choices and decisions that I just had to take some time off.  Now we were ready to go again and my heart was not really in it, until while standing there in the tile shop for the hours that it took us to make all of our choices, it struck me how much this was like picking out fabrics for a quilt. 

We started out with our little sample of granite and the door sample from the vanity that we already have, and we laid out floor tiles that we have picked out (kind of like a focus fabric to coordinate with in a quilt).  Then we started pulling tiles that would become the walls, floors and accent borders in the shower.  It was like pulling bolts of fabrics in the quilt shop to pick out sashings, borders, bindings for a quilt ~ which is my favorite part of quilt making :)

We even had to lay out these little pieces (the ones that look like square chalk) to determine the color of grout that we wanted.  A seemingly small thing, but I can't tell you how many times I've laid out strands of thread to determine just the right shade for the quilting stitches.  By the time we were all finished making choices and placed our order, I was excited and ready for it to come in to get started on our new project...and the tile guy had quite a mess of things to put back on the shelves ~ just like with quilt making :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


QuilterMary said...

love the colors and design - it's going to be wonderful ... just like a quilt!

sewmeow said...

Terrific....and love your comparing this to a quilt....for sure.