Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Exciting Mail Day!

Late yesterday the Fed Ex man stopped by the house and brought me a box that I didn't expect to be receiving until next week! It was filled with fabrics from Marcus Brothers from a line called "Love Notes" designed by Faye Burgos. This is going to be my next quilt for magazine publication. I just found out on Friday that my design was accepted, put in the fabric order, and here it is already ~ don't you just love it when things work efficiently! I have spent the early part of the week working my other job that deals with clerical work for a government consulting firm, so let me tell you this was really refreshing!

The little quilt that this fabric is going to become is scheduled to appear in Quilt Almanac due to hit the news stands in mid January. I have to work the shop today, but tomorrow you will find me in my sewing room ~ I just love starting a new project :)


Messy Karen said...

i'm not even in the mood for love fabrics. but that rose print in the middle is very sweet.

ranette said...

Pretty know how I love red and white. Can't wait to see what you come up with.