Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quality Time with the Day Planner

My day started this morning with having some dental work done, and then going over to the college and paying my son's tuition bill. So I knew things could only go up from there :)

So since this afternoon was a beautiful day, I came home, got comfortable in my gazebo (why not in the gazebo, right?), and spent some quality time with my day planner, laptop, and "scribble book". This was much needed quality time, as I really had to catch up on some things and do some centering. I'm a planner and list maker and I was feeling a bit unfocused lately. Now I'm planned out for a few months and feel a little better about being able to get to everything that needs to get done.

...And with my computer time today I finally got my Etsy store up and running! I've been anxious to start selling on Etsy because I just love this site's focus on Handmade. I still have some cosmetic things to add to the store to spruce it up, and I'll be adding more items on an ongoing basis, but I'm open for business! I still have the ebay store too, and will keep the Etsy store for my finished handmade items and patterns (you can purchase Spring Water Designs patterns in either place). So check it out, Etsy is a great site! I'll have the buttons on my sidebar for ease in getting to either store anytime.

~ Dawn


Blanca Abreu said...

hello...i´m spanish.....very beautifull your blog........

Dawn said...

Welcome Blanca, and thanks!