Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Great Grandma's Summer Quilt

This is the summer quilt made by my Great-Grandma Burton. I've allowed myself to get it out of storage now that the screens are back in the windows, and I'm hoping that warm weather is emminent. It is one of two quilts I own that she made ~ if you missed it you can see the other one here in an earlier post that I had done. This quilt is in delicate condition with lots of wear especially around the outside blocks. My Great Grandmother made quilts for each of her children's families. This one was the one that my mother's family received, and it was well loved and used by her and her five brothers.

I call it the summer quilt because it is a quilt with a top and backing, but no batting. There is light quilting on it to hold the two layers together. I got it out today to hang it over my upstairs banister for a while, it always makes me feel that summer is here! I like the blues and tans with just splashes of yellow and pink, and I love the way that she turned the blocks every which way. I'm going to make a reproduction of this quilt (maybe a few for others in the family too).

And so the hunt is on! I've pulled a couple of fabrics, and I think I've picked out a Shirting from Jo Morton's Senica Shirtings collection that will be my background ~ whenever it comes into the shop. But I'm now on the search for the rest of the fabrics, and who knows how long it will take to find just the right ones. This part is the most fun for me, and I'll take my time and enjoy every bit of the treasure hunt. This kind of history is what quilting is all about, and I'll enjoy spending time with each and every one of Great-Grandma's stitches while recreating her treasure!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Messy Karen said...

love the pattern and fabrics used. and i agree that a quilt like this would be fabulous to make again.

Rita said...

What a wonderful treasure! I love the idea of recreating this special quilt. Enjoy the process.

Dawn said...

Thanks ladies! I think it'll take me some time to make this quilt since I have so many other obligations/deadlines right now, but I will enjoy the process!