Monday, April 20, 2009

A Little Treat from the Milltown Quilt Show

This past weekend was the Milltown Guild Quilt Show. We have been very busy as the show ran Thursday - Saturday and between the show and the shop I worked a couple of 11 hour days (so I will enjoy a quiet day at home sewing today). The show was very nice and I did take lots of pictures! I saw a couple of Baltimore Album Quilts from past students of Mimi Dietrich's class. This one really spoke to me.

This quiltmaker made a large center block. Although I haven't completely finalized my plans, I think I will be setting mine 5 x 5 with all the blocks the same size, but hers is stunning with this beautiful basket as the focal point...hmm, decisions, decisions...

This is the block that I'm working on this month (at least I'm supposed to be ~ hopfully will get to the prep work for it this afternoon ~ too many deadlines lately). The new skill in this block is the folded rosebuds.

I had already purchased a pattern from Sara Madson to do this block and I saw it in this quilt. I love the different colors that she used and I know that I want to do this block now!

This block is one that I have already done, but I have so far left off the four little corner stars. This looks so nice, I think I will have to go back and add my stars after all.

I love when I see a quilt that just inspires me! Today is all about getting the borders on my next magazine quilt project and getting it off to the quilter, and I have one pattern to finish writing. Tonight is my guild meeting, so hopefully I will get to do the prep work for my next BAQ block and take that along as my handwork :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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