Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Official ~ I'm Published!

I'm so excited ~ I feel like doing the "Snoopy Dance"! This is my Root-N Toot-N Cowboy Quilt and it's in the June/July issue of Quilt Magazine that is arriving to subscription holders now. My friend Carol brought me her copy and I saw my design in print for the first time last night! I think it should be on the newstands this week. I have found Quilt at Joann's, Walmart, Barnes & Nobles, & Books-a-Million.

I'm in the same issue with Ricky Tims and Bonnie Sullivan ~ somebody pinch me :) This has been an awesome experience, and working with editor, Deborah Hearn, and technical editor, Linda Smoker has been a pure pleasure! I've learned so much.

The pillows and this toy/storage duffle are online web bonus patterns that I did just for fun. These pictures are ones that I snapped, the ones in the magazine are much better :) I'm not sure if they have updated the website with the new magazine yet, but you will be able to find patterns for the accessories on the Quilt Magazine website.

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Rita said...

Congratulations, Dawn! You must be floating on cloud nine....way to go!


Amy R said...

Congratulations Dawn! What a thrill!!!! Amy

Dawn said...

Rita & Amy ~ Thanks for the well wishes! I have been smiling and whistling alot this weekend :)
~ Dawn