Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break in Baltimore

I took a day off from sewing yesterday to spend a day of Spring Break with my son Bobby and his girlfriend Nicoll. We went to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and to the National Aquarium. I've always thought the art on the front of the Aquarium looks like a quilt, so this is kind of quilt related :)
It was very windy and still pretty cold, but the daffodils were blooming and Opening Day for the O's at Camden Yards was Monday, so I know Spring is here somewhere. It's gotta' be, just look at this sky!

As we walked, we came upon this very pompous duck and he made me smile.

We hit the Inner Harbor shops, and Nicoll spotted a shirt with her favorite book...

...and we went to Barnes and Noble ~ it was a book themed kind of day!

In the Aquarium Rainforest I fell in love with the birds. I took many bird shots, but won't bore you with them all here, but these characters were very friendly and I got several pictures of them.

...and of course, I took dolphin pictures! These guys are hard to catch with my little camera, but this fella posed for a nice long time for me.

I even got Nicoll to snap a picture of me with the elusive Bobby before we left (somehow he usually manages to not be in the photos), so it was a good day all the way around!

This is Bobby and Nicoll's last Spring Break before they graduate high school this May, so I'm glad I took the time off to remember this day with them. And the sewing was waiting for me when I got back home :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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