Monday, December 21, 2009

The Big Dig & Warming Up With Baby Blankets

So the snow stopped coming down, the sun came out (although the wind kept on blowing), and the big dig commenced.

Bobby, being the youngster that he is, was determined to get out in his Blazer and do a little toiling around even before we were all dug out. But we finally got our other vehicles somewhat mobile, and even got over to Heather's to take her a snow shovel (one purchase none of us had thought of yet for her new apartment). After being snowed in all weekend, Heather decided to come back with us and hang out at our house for a while, and we decided to play with/pack up some Mountain Baby Blanket donations that we had accumulated.

Some customers at the quilt shop donated little quilts and blankets last month. Jenny made the cute little flannel rail fence quilt above.

Ruth donated six little quilts that she hand quilted from panels like this one. Some were a little larger for bigger kids too.

Along with some fleece blankets donated from our church, we had enough to box up for another shipment. So because of some very generous people, for 2009 we have donated 30 quilts/30 childrens books and 11 fleece/receiving blankets to the Christian Appalachian Project for Mountain Baby Blankets. Thank you all!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


pat sloan said...

we are SUCH goofballs aren't we!!!

kimbuktu said...

How lovely to have donated all those blankets!