Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Legacy that Lives On

Last week Char brought in some more quilts for the Mountain Baby Blankets program from tops that Maw Maw had made to donate. Along with the one that I quilted up on the HQ16 at work, Heather and I have eight more boxed up and ready to go. (Even more donations came in from others during our Black Friday sale, but I haven't had time to photograph and box them yet ~ I didn't even get to count them we were so busy, but it was quite a pile!)

These quilts are really a labor of love, first pieced by this amazing elderly woman, then bordered and backed with some wonderful fabrics that Char finds from all kinds of sources. One was even backed with the softest fleece robe that you'll ever feel, it'll be a wonderful cuddle quilt!

Char let me know that Maw Maw recently passed away, but she left many more finished quilt tops to be quilted up and donated to the little guys. What a wonderful legacy of love. I feel blessed to have "known" Maw Maw, even if just through her quilt stitches :)

In case you missed it, an earlier post with some of Maw Maw's donation quilts can be found here.

Enjoy the day,
~ Dawn

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kimbuktu said...

Such a sweet story of a wonderful woman.