Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update on a Hat and a Quilt

Just a quick home made gift update (we're really stretching out the holidays here, I will get back to work here soon, I promise)...Elsie opened her hat first thing on Christmas morning and had to put it right on (it fit ~ yea!). She loved it ~ apparently she had been asking for a pink hat for Christmas and hadn't gotten one, so it was like a little Christmas miracle to her. Her delight claiming, "My Hat" when first seeing it was so cute!

She wore it for quite some time, and had to show everyone the tassel on top.

As soon as she opened her quilt, she said "Animals!" and had to go find a place to spread it out and lay on it. I think this will be the TV watching quilt for a little while.

I think I probably spent the least on these two gifts, and they really were after thoughts whipped up at the last minute, but were well worth the effort!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


kimbuktu said...

So sweet! The quilt is adorable, and your little one looks so cute in her hat.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very cute! Love the quilt. She looks adorable in the hat.

Pat said...

It is so nice to see a young child appreciate those kinds of gifts. They turned out very nice, but I know many kids who would have opened them and given them a brief glance and favored toys instead. She is a cute AND smart little girl!!!

allsewnup said...

Super cutie pie in her new hat. I love making things for my boys, they always appreciate handmade goodies from quilts to hats and have made many requests for other projects.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Special gifts for a special girl!