Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Finds

Does this symbol confuse you a little? It represents a common RSS Feed. You can click on this symbol on many blogs and websites to "subscribe" to updated content, another words every time a new post is uploaded you receive a link to that new post. My blog has a "Follow" button on the bottom right sidebar, that you can click on and receive updates through a free Google Reader. I find that the easiest way to have all my blogs updates together, but occasionally I find a blog that I like, and they don't have a Google "Follow" button (because maybe that blog is Typepad, Wordpress, or another blog base besides Blogspot) I usually look for this symbol to link the updates to my "My Yahoo" homepage. Then there are the blogs or websites that I can't find either button on and I just bookmark the site, I don't receive any notification when they update, and I have to remember to periodically go back and look at them. So consequently I get blog updates in a couple of different locations, and others just bookmarked and I do find it all a little confusing sometimes.

Sheri Thompson told me about, and says she loves it. With Feed My Inbox, blogs, news, and even Twitter feeds can be delivered right to your email inbox. It couln't be easier, just type in the blog web address (URL), and your email address, and when that blog is updated, it comes to you as an email. Simple. It's another tool out there to help simplify the way you can read and keep up with blogs and websites that may be a little hard to "follow". You could even set up a free email account just to send your blog updates to.

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow Dawn great info. Now if someone will just tell me how to watermark my photos, that would be great too :-)

Anonymous said...

If you use Google Reader you can subscribe the same way by clicking add a subscription and puting in the blog address. I figured the point of a reader was to have one address to "check". This is why I have never added myself to any of the side bars on blogs.... even a computer can get cluttered.