Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiny Parade of Trees

Since our house is in construction mode, we've decided not to decorate a large Christmas tree in our limited living area, but I'm getting into the Christmas Spirit here, and thought I'd share a few of my humble little (read that as tiny) Christmas trees that I have out around our house. They really are prettier than these pictures show ~ all have tiny white lights, but I don't have the photography skills to give them justice.

Our little seashell tree is decorated with shells that we picked up on Atlantic Beach NC, plus some sand dollar and starfish ornaments that I purchased. When Lisa and Cory got married 3 1/2 years ago, and he was stationed at Cherry Point Marine Base in North Carolina. We went down for a visit with them at Christmas, and spent a memorable Christmas Day at the beach (a first for me!). So I remember that beautiful day each year with this little tree on the side board in my dining room.
These next two trees are crafted by a lady who attends my church. I just love them and they go out somewhere each year. The first one sits atop a basket and has a little model train circling the tree. Seeing that I'm a great basket lover, and make it part of my personal mission in life to keep Longaberger in business, and Bob is a model train fan, this little tree arrangement just had to come home with me and sit on our hearth.

This little tree sits up in our "window seat area" outside my sewing room and just glows Victorian pink. I love the little Angel on top, and this year I sat this little porcelain doll that was given to my by a friend some Christmases ago underneath, and she just looks perfect here.

I think I definitely need to get one of my pink and brown mini quilts quilted up to go with this tree next year, as opposed to my Autumn colored one ~ but it was handy.

And finally, my little elf has to go out somewhere each year. This year he is sitting on this little bench at the top of our steps that Bob's Dad made us. Both the elf and the heart shaped pillow was made by my best friend back in the days when we did craft shows together.

We'll be working like little elves in the quilt shop all this week. All of us are in together to work on finishing up our customer quilts that need to be done by Christmas. We'll have quite the quilt assembly line going!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

PS ~ If anyone just needs the HoHoHo shelf sitter, it is available in my ebay store, so rush on over!

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