Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a Little Old Dresser

Looks can be deceiving. This little old dresser was a hand me down to me. It was an unfinished pine piece that my brothers shared when they were little boys. I had gotten it from my mom when I had my first child, stained it and used it for baby clothes. Over the years it did duty in the nurserys of all three of my kids. I guess for those reasons, I love this little thing and just couldn't part with it when my kids all got bigger and needed larger furnature. So I found other uses for it.

It works great for fat quarters and smaller cuts of fabric. The drawers are great when pulling colors for new projects.

The top drawer is a little more shallow and works great for threads and such.

And I even use the outside of it to hang rulers. It keeps them out of the way, but handy. So I've really gotten my "money's worth" out of this little dresser. Let me know how you organize in your sewing room, and how you repurpose things, I'm always looking for ideas!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

1 comment:

SarahVee said...

Great use of a dresser, Dawn. Everything is so organized and accessible. I like the rulers on the side.