Thursday, February 5, 2009

New and Improved Sewing Room

Well, here it is, what I've been doing all week...Drum Roll Please...Here is my sewing room mostly put back together! I love this new floor with my yellow color! (For those of you that have seen my sewing room before ~ yes, it is still yellow, I didn't change the color because I still love it!).
This is my window seat. I love to read and doodle here, and this window looks out the front of our house, so I can see all of the "comings and goings" :)

And this is my "new" closet ~ totally worth the cost of admission right here! I'm still loading fabric, but am getting there. I like that I can keep a cubby for ongoing projects, and there is room on either side of the shelf unit where I can stand up the ironing board and store other items. The shelf unit consists of two Closetmaid Cubicals stacked up. I bought one more that is going in our spare bedroom's walk in closet to hold "future projects" and quilt tops to be quilted (I'm working on that closet next).
This is my little antique ribbon bin that I got at a yard sale. I just love it and I store batting in it. I upolstered a board for the top with fabric that matches the window seat cushion, but I'm going to make a nicer stained wood top for it eventually.

And this is the view from the other window (this is what I see from my chair when I'm sewing). We put the gazebo in last summer in place where the children's play set used to be and it is now my favorite doodle and punchneedle spot ~ at least when it was warmer. We're going to be putting electric out to it, so I think it might become a great sewing spot next spring!

Wow, that was a long tour for such a tiny room! Next I'm going to work on the hallway/sitting area outside of this room. That is where I have my cutting table and other what nots. I have one more child to move out before I get a "sewing wing" instead of a sewing room! :)

And for a little blog hopping: Check out the Tisket a Tasket link on my sidebar for the February block from Bunny Hill Designs, she put it up this morning, and it's cute, cute! And if you like freebies Brenda is holding a free drawing over on her Quilting Cowgirl blog in celebration of her birthday (see the Feb. 2nd post, all you have to do is leave a comment).

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Mary said...

WOW - your sewing room is so pretty! You might have just inspired me to pick up a piles of fabric (etc.) and put them away ... just a couple, maybe.

Heather said...

I think I'll hold on to my yellow room for as long as I can! Foiled again! Haha

Pat said...

GREAT sewing sewing space is actually the bedroom the little grandkids use when they visit, so I can't really have it the way I want it...yet. I was going to sign on as a follower of your blog, but for some reason, there is nothing I can seem to click on there that allows me to do that. Hmmmmmm..... Hope you will visit my blog sometime, too.

valsdailythread said...

Nice job on your sewing room! It looks so inviting. A wonderful use of space and I love the colors too. You are looking way too organized though, LOL!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!
Heather ~ Don't worry, I'm not making designs on your room just yet!
Pat ~ You should be able to link right on the words that say Follow This Blog, it shows up as a link for me ? I have visited your blog and I love it!