Sunday, February 8, 2009

Working Outside!

Well, the weather was beautiful this weekend, so we just had to get outside, and this is what we did! We had actually started these stone walls (they are raised planting beds) in the fall and then winter got here. So when the weather got up into the sixties this weekend, we just had to take the opportunity to get outside and work on the brick pathways. This is my husband Bob working away. We had raised beds before in this area of the yard, but they were made of wood.

Here is a view of the center where Bob did a Herringbone pattern with the brick. We plan to put some kind of focal point in the middle (birdbath, fountain, statue, something...I haven't found just the right one yet).The edges are worse than a quilt with cutting a gillion little triangle pieces! In the planter box straight back I plan to plant a stand of sunflowers this spring, and the other boxes will hold some tomato, pepper and herb plants. I'll dot in some flowers as well. I'll post pictures of the finished project later in the year!
I did get to finish this little bluework block this weekend. Since I finished the Baltimore Applique block early for this month's class with Mimi Dietrich, I was able to do a block towards my bluework quilt (another of my ongoing process quilts). I have to have something to do while watching TV in the evenings!
My monthly Baltimore Applique class is tomorrow ~ I'll post my show and tell for that soon!
~ Dawn

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