Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Words of Wisdom

This is Millie & Tillie. I named the crow Tillie, because she just looks like a Tillie to me, and the sheep got Millie of course because it rhymes. I picked them up on one of my many foraging trips in the cute little shops outside of Gettysburg PA when my daughter was going to college there. They sit on the back of my stove and their sole purpose in this life is to make me smile every morning...and they do :) For some reason I am tickled by the look on the sheep's face. It's a simple thing, but important I think.

I like things with little messages on them ~ words of wisdom, if you will. I need to see these little prompts to keep me centered. I like words on quilts too. Here are a few of the quilts I've done with words or messages on them.

Many Thanks designed by Nancy Halverson (pattern can be found in book with that name). The center block says, "For These I Give Thanks" and each block has something to be thankful for. These words are done with stitchery.

Pat Sloan designs many quilts with words on them. This is Be Merry and this pattern can be found in the Quilt The Seasons with Pat Sloan book.

Jane A Stickle stitched on the simple phrase, "In War Time 1868" to the corner of her "Dear Jane" quilt, and has touched quilters for over 140 years. Words are powerful.

What words inspire you? I keep this little create shelf sitter in the window in my sewing room. You can find words like these in the primitives section of my ebay store, and right now they're on sale! Take a moment to be inspired...or tickled today!

~ Dawn


pat sloan said...

love your Be Merry!

Pat Sloan

Dawn said...

Thanks Pat! It's a cute design :)