Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to a Little Quilting

Alright, enough playing around. I need to get back to some quilty stuff. Yesterday was a play day ~ we just ate, enjoyed the snow and read. I love magazines so I perused a lot of them yesterday (and have uploaded many more back issues to my ebay store). I have a new favorite magazine to add to my Top Five: Early American Life, it's not quilt related, but a great magazine for those who feel a kinship to old things ~ check it out!

This morning I got an early start on the sewing machine and finished a customer commission, and next I'm going to go and work on the extra project for our March Thimbleberries club. Pictured above is my completed club top ~ we are doing our shop's club in the Light colorway. I'm ahead of the club members and can now focus on the extras for the club meetings :)

I think I'll also catch up my Calendar Quilt today and start cutting up fabric for my son's graduation quilt, and then there's the OP top to finish...

Enjoy your day!
~ Dawn

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Ray said...

Beautiful quilt!!! Love it!!