Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Pause for a Few Moments of Cute

Sometimes family and friends take precedent over other well they should. Yesterday I didn't finish my Jo Morton club project (again) because my mother-in-law came a day early for her visit and wanted me to do some house hunting with her. So we spent a very overwhelming (lots to see and take in), but pleasant afternoon together. Then I had already promised my kids that we would go to the phone store in the evening when everyone had gotten off work to get our new family plan and phones. It was like buying a car in the amount of time this took, but we had a good time getting together to do it. But like so many, it was a day for everyone else ~ although I did get a new blackberry out of it :)

So this morning I'm indulging myself and taking a little break from "regularly scheduled programming" for a few moments of Cute:

This is my little Elsie (center) with her buddy Cadance (left) and Cadance's Daddy, Zach playing Rock Band. The girls take their drumming very seriously!

And here is Elsie again getting ready to help Mommy do some baking in her apron that Aunt Heather embroidered for her. This is her famous "Say Cheese" face that looks exactly like Mommy Lisa's from about 1989 (this could literally be a picture of Lisa).

The first picture at the top is a finished quilt block from a customer commission that I did get to finish on Monday ~ so I have gotten something done this week :)

Please forgive my shameless "Grandma Brag-booking", but now that you have had a pause, deep breath, and smiled...resume your regular operations and...
Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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