Sunday, March 22, 2009

Second Chance Quilt Show

This weekend is the Southern Comforters Guild Quilt Show and Heather and I decided that before I went to work yesterday in the afternoon, that we would go to the show (since we already knew where to find it) -- see last month's post about the show that wasn't there :)

This is my coworker Mary, who is a member of this guild, and her Art Quilt that was in the show. The colors were just stunning!

This little guy was Mary's other entry in the Small Applique category. (Heather and I voted for both of them!)
These are a couple of other quilts that I liked at the show. Of course the Baltimore Album style caught my eye, and anything with Civil War fabrics!

Heather liked this one in blues, teals and purples. These must be her colors as her first quilt that she made in college was this same color scheme!

Here are some pictures of Carolyn and Mary working away at our booth at the show. Heather is honing in on some panels or fat quarters!

The Southern Comforters show was yesterday and today (11 - 4:00). Go and check it out if you can!

Today is all about staying home and cutting, cutting, cutting!
Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


ooglebloops said...

Mary's art quilt is beyond stunning!! Such talent at this show!!!

Dawn said...

This show did have a lot of talent for such a small group, and they do a show every year. I'm always amazed at what quilters can do!