Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Call to Action!

Mom and I have been trying to find a cause to put our talents to, and through Rachel Cox's blog we found it. Mom saw her call to action on her blog with her project 'Mountain Baby Blankets'. After showing me the link, we were both moved by the story and knew that we needed to do something to aid in this project for the children of the Appalachian Mountains.

And this is where we also ask for your involvement. If you would like to make any quilts, please let us know. You can contact Rachel directly through her blog, or we can let you know the specifics that the Christian Appalachian Project is looking for, as well as where to send them.

We are also looking for donations of cotton or flannel fabrics, batting (that we'll turn into quilts), and children's books. Mom and I decided that would be our special Spring Water Designs family touch. We want to be able to send a book with each blanket to be read while cuddling under warm quilts made with love.

After watching the story of the children of the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky (which can be viewed here), we knew that something had to be done. Rachel Cox's brilliant project is a great way for all of us quilters to help make the lives of needy families a little bit brighter.

We are also trying to coordinate a gathering so that we can share and sew our quilts as a community at And Sew it Goes. More details will follow when we have set this event up.

Any aid is appreciated, and we hope that you will be able to join us in this project!


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Rachel said...

Wow. So exciting!

Thank you guys so much for coming on board!