Monday, March 9, 2009

A Little of This and A Little of That

This weekend was about getting a lot of different tasks done, but not having a finished product to show for any of them ~ but much got done and I feel good about that.

First, on Saturday afternoon I got an upcoming pattern written (that's huge!), and in the evening I did some applique on my Tisket a Tasket Bunny Hill Block of the Month. Then yesterday, along with putting in some stitching on a customer commission, I prepared for today's Baltimore Album Class with Mimi Dietrich. The above picture shows the freezer paper pattern that I cut out ~ not a good sign when the template takes hours to make!

I also worked on this little sneak peak tease of an upcoming pattern that we'll be releasing soon (I'm still working on writing this one). Heather is making a little surprise that will go in the center of it. She worked on it this weekend and it should be ready to release soon. We're really happy with the way it's coming along :)

I think we got a lot done, even in spite of losing an hour this weekend! We of course had to stop for a little brunch treat after church, and I did plenty of standing around outside enjoying the weekend's beautiful Springy weather, so it wasn't all work and no play. Still have to keep it simple and enjoy the day!

Along those lines, just for fun we've put everything in the Simple Living category in our ebay store on sale 20% off ~ and Heather listed some new items!

Enjoy your day!
~ Dawn

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